Client Services

One-on-One Consulting

The LDAO-C provides one-on-one consulting for families and individuals who have been identified as having LDs/ADHD. We provide assistance with understanding assessments, becoming your own advocate, and  other aspects of living with this diagnosis.

Advocacy Coaching 

Navigating your way through the system can be daunting, exhausting and expensive. Our knowledgeable staff can help you identify the sources and approaches that will help you get the services and support you need.

“I am and adult diagnosed with severe ADHD/ADD who has encountered employment difficulties due to my disability. I received valuable advice, support and assistance from the LDAO-C. I have also attended some of the LDAO-C information evenings which were informative, professional, and extremely helpful in my parent and advocacy roles with regards to my disability as well as my children’s.” – LDAO-C client

Roy Cooper Memorial Lending Library

Our lending library offers a broad range of literature for adults and children that you can use to better understand and succeed with LDs.

Our hours vary so please call 613-567-5864 in advance.

Library User Fees:

      • LDA members: N/C
      • Non-LDA members: $3.50 per item


Please call to set up an appointment. Fees for service may apply.

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